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162 PhD in Physics at the Paris-Saclay Campus
Triangle de la Physique
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February 21, 2014
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Academic, Government and National Lab
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Physics: Physics
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Triangle de la Physique
The Triangle de la Physique is a research cluster in Physics. It gathers research units of the Palaiseau-Orsay-Saclay triangle. The cluster provides information on PhD opportunities through its portal. PhD grants can be applied for by supervisors. Employers are institutions, like one of the founding institutions of the Triangle de la Physique (e.g. CNRS, CEA, Université Paris-Sud, Ecole polytechnique, etc.).
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The research laboratories in Physics of the Saclay Campus (Orsay-Palaiseau-Saclay area, 20km south from Paris) propose each year numerous PhD subjects. To join high-level research teams in a remarkably rich scientific environment, have a look at our PhD proposals on our website:

The Triangle de la Physique research cluster gathers the PhD proposals from about 40 research laboratories mostly working in the following fields:

  • optics,
  • diluted and condensed matter physics,
  • complex matter,
  • nanophysics and statistical physics.

It is compulsory for a PhD student to have a financial support (salary, scholarship, grant...) of the level required by the French working rules. There is a variety of different financial supports, among which the potential supervisor will select with the PhD student those which are most suitable for each case.


Additional Salary Information: The salary level depends on the PhD grant obtained with the help of the laboratory. The raw salaries usually range from 20,000 to 25,000€ per year.
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