Average Monthly Site Statistics (based on CY2013 network usage)
Jobs posted: 220
Unique visitors: 45,000
Pageviews: 325,000
Physics Today print circulation: 120,000
Job seeker education levels
 47% PhD or higher
 21% Masters
 24% Four-year degree
 8% Student

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"We always use Physics Today for our print ads, as well as online posting. We find we reach a large audience of quality applicants with this approach."
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Physics Department
"The ad we ran in the May issue of Physics Today was wildly successful, and we were able to make an excellent hire for the job from the candidates it brought us!"
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Dr. Steven W. Daniels
Eastern Illinois University
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How To Create Job Postings That Attract Top Talent

Creating a job posting that produces great candidates is easy if you remember one thing: it’s an advertisement for your association, not a job description. Too often, job postings are developed from internal job descriptions, which result in messages that fail to promote an association’s unique value proposition as an employer or attract response from A-level players. By using the following simple Continue Reading Continue Reading